October 23, 2012

Cinema Purgatorio

Cinema Purgatorio (RCP Media) is a boutique film label and booking company who I worked with on logo development and branding. Ray from Cinema Purgatorio has an impressive list of films (including work by Sigur Rós) he’s worked with and I was just as eager to work with him. We started with the logo. It had to be simple, neutral and able to play nice with a variety of film posters and existing art work Cinema Purgatorio works with. I sent over a variety of ideas, but we quickly focused in on a basic but powerful mark. I gave the copy a slight tilt to ad a bit of visual complexity to shape and as a nod to the independent spirit of the films they often work with.

Cinema Purgatorio logos

Part of the initial branding work was to take the direction developed and work it into Cinema Purgatorio’s YouTube and Hulu channels. Working with each network’s available customization options we developed branded channels that stand on their own, but are neutral enough not to interfere with film thumbnails and artwork.


Cinema Purgatorio on YouTube Cinema Purgatorio on Hulu


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