January 7, 2011


Cor is a new web services portal that The College of St. Scholastica will be bringing online early this year. The college’s IT department tasked me with developing a logo that will serve as the visual identity for this new system that will be used by all students, faculty and staff. The identity needed to stand on it’s own, but also reflect the school’s overall branding. The blue / yellow color palette of the school is used as the tie in. The font face is set in Future Book, a geometric sans-serif face that was designed in 1927 but carries a timeless modern feel. The geometric quality of the “O” is then played off of in a series of rings that represent the many modular components the system will offer users. Once signed-in users can add, remove and customize many different components. The rings are then set in 3 variations for use to also give the sense that they are not permanent to one layout.

Cor logo


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