July 25, 2011

Cutloose Creations Cover-Ups

This was my first site as a contract designer for 3Five Designs. 3Five is a design studio based here in Duluth. They have a wide variety of clients (big and small), and some serious business know-how (on top of design chops). They fit my personal and professional aesthetic, and after a short lunch with them decided we’d try working together.

Cutloose Creations is a small business that does handmade cover-ups (among many other products) for care facilities. My tasks for the Cover-Ups site were focused on design and visual research. Cutoose had an existing look I was to work from. 3Five took care of communicating with the client and the development. The project ran very smooth. Top notch organization and task management all the way through. I was very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend working with 3Five Designs if you get the chance.

Check out the Cutloose Creations Cover-Ups site.

Cutloose Creations Cover-Ups

Icons at the bottom jump when hovered over, and pop-up a tool tip with content details and photo. I think these turned out rather lovely.

Cutloose Creations Cover-Ups

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