Lotus Pedal Designs is a Duluth, Minnesota based guitar effects pedal company. Owner Sean Erspamer contacted me about helping him brand his line, get an e-commerce capable website up and running as well as a few one off items like brochures, banners and t-shirts.

In talking with Sean about what makes his pedals unique he really focused on his love of experimenting with sound. Removing direction/setting markings on his pedals isn’t a common practice in the industry. I took that approach and developed a logo mark based on a simplified dial – the main tool the guitarist has in experimenting with the pedal’s sound.

Lotus Pedal Designs logo

After the logo was developed we worked on a look for the pedal enclosures. Sean wanted each pedal in his line to have it’s own unique color, so I let the enclosure paint and finish define its personality first and foremost. The name of each pedal would be set in standardized typographic system to further Sean’s vision of a minimal amount of visuals on the pedal itself. The font would be a nod to retro style as was established in the logo.

Last step was to get Sean set-up on the Shopify platform to start selling online. I put together a simple shop for him and trained him on the basics. He has been running the site himself ever since.

Paul M. Connolly 3 - Lotus Pedal Designs Website Paul M. Connolly 3 - Lotus Pedal Designs Tee
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