While employed at St. Scholastica as the College’s Interactive Services Technical Developer I was tasked with beginning a complete redesign of css.edu. The College’s previous design was starting to look dated, was not mobile friendly, had little to no style guide direction and was downright confusing to navigate.

Partnering with Marketing and IT we began looking at the site from the back to the home page. The goal was to reduce as many pages as possible, put a priority on the mobile experience, make more concise copy choices and create a visual hierarchy that would implemented throughout the site. I left my position at the College before the project was completed, but much of the style and organizational work that was completed can still be seen on the site years later.

Below are my original design concepts for the redesign.

pmc3_cssHome pmc3_cssInterior pmc3_cssAdmissions pmc3_cssMobile
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