July 18, 2011

The Blue Heron Trading Co.

I’ve worked on many print projects for The Blue Heron Trading Company (business cards, in-store signage, posters, etc…), so I was excited when they finally wanted to move forward with a new website. The old website basically was the logo and some directions. They wanted to keep the site simple. They have no desire to maintain any sort of web presence other than a simple site.  We decided since the content on the site would be thin, we’d make up for it with lots of great photos. I suggested we work with Duluth based photographer Aaron Molina. I had worked with Aaron a bit in the past, and had been following his current work (which was really great). He has a great eye for color and everyone was very happy with the results.

The site is powered by WordPress and built on a modified Theme by Graph Paper Press.

Check it out: theblueherontradingcompany.com

The Blue Heron Trading Company The Blue Heron Trading Company


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